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Finding Your Way

The first step in resolving a dispute is to identify a process and strategy for reaching resolution. “Will my lawyer negotiate on my behalf, will I play an active role in the discussions, or will I trust a judge to make the decisions that will affect my family and me for years to come?” Picking a process that suits you and your unique situation is an important decision. At your initial consultation we will discuss your current situation and the various process options available and select the appropriate process to suit your needs and meet your goals. Call The Weisbaum Law Firm, LLC to schedule your initial consultation.

Because each client and each case is different, my clients and I work together at the outset to select the best strategy for their individual circumstances. When I began representing families of separation and divorce, I was struck by the destructive nature of Litigation on families in conflict. Litigation can fuel and escalate the conflict between separating couples at a time when their ability to cope with the emotional and financial stresses arising from the break up is already compromised. Mediation and Collaborative Law allow clients to maintain the greatest degree of control over the process and the outcome of the dispute, as opposed to Litigation where the outcome is decided by a judge. Not all cases are suited to all methods of conflict resolution. You can be confident that I will provide you with the best possible representation in each of these areas. Contact me to schedule an initial consultation.

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Mediation provides a neutral setting for clients to have face-to-face discussions to reach agreements that meet the needs of both parties’ and their family. At my Rockville law offices I mediate disputes, serving as a neutral participant to help guide and facilitate discussion between clients so that they can reach agreement. Mediation of family issues and disputes can often be achieved more quickly, and at a lower cost than litigation, collaborative law or other forms of dispute resolution. I have been mediating family disputes since 2006. If you and your spouse/partner are interested in mediating, contact me to schedule your first appointment.


Collaborative law is, at its essence, a model of group problem solving which maximizes the ability to identify creative solutions that work for you and your family. The collaborative process involves a series of meetings in which the clients, accompanied by their attorneys, identify forward-looking goals, share information, identify options, and arrive at mutually acceptable solutions that are memorialized in a written agreement between the parties. In the collaborative process the attorneys work together with their clients to help find common ground and solutions that enable clients and their families to move beyond a separation or divorce without destroying their relationships along the way. I have been practicing Collaborative law in Maryland since 2006 and was named one of the Washington D.C. area’s top Collaborative Family Law attorneys in the 2014 and 2015 issues of the “Best Of” Lawyers’ Edition in the Washington Post. Contact The Weisbaum Law Firm, LLC to find out if Collaborative is right for you.


I have been litigating in courts in Maryland, the District of Columbia and across the country for over 20 years and was voted “Trial Lawyer of the Year,” in 2012 by the Maryland Association for Justice. Litigation, as a process, is defined by each side fighting vigorously for their own needs and wants, in opposition to and often times in reaction to the positions of the other party. The parties have little or no control over the final decisions, which are made by a judge. In many instances, litigation results in consequences and outcomes that may be unintended and undesired by either party. While litigation is never my first choice, there are instances where mediation, collaborative law or other forms of dispute resolution are not an option. When an opposing party or attorney is unwilling or unable to work toward mutually agreeable ends, I bring to bear my extensive litigation experience to meet the needs and interests of my clients.

COVID 19 Notice to Clients, Prospective Clients and Colleagues: During the COVID Pandemic I remain available to conduct Video Conferencing, including for Initial Consultations, Mediation and Collaborative Meetings. 

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